Aramis Entertainment


Aramis Entertainment is a collective specializing in authentic entertainment for weddings and special events, with real bands and professional musicians who are passionate about sharing their gift with their audience. These are not generic “wedding bands”… our clients are tired of hearing the same conventional sound at every event, and are looking for a unique and different experience. The bands we represent are not full-time “wedding bands”, but specialized and individual artists who live of their craft and perform weekly in concert, in New York City and worldwide.

Our mission is to bring authenticity to a business too often flooded with impersonal cheesiness. We don’t offer bands that match the furniture and also happen to produce music. We offer outstanding, stylish and accomplished artists. Aramis Entertainment believes in the beauty of human relations. We are proud of our artists, we are excited to share their talent with our clients, we strive to create the perfect soundtrack for your life event and future memories.